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Infinity Healing Transformations

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Tarek Bibi, Founder of Infinity Healing Technique

“I’ve listened to [Infinity Healing for the G Center] 2 days ago and so far I’ve made $1200 passive[income]; it just took a few minutes on e-mail.  .... I feel peace and I feel empowered ...Now I’m hanging out with friends whereas before I was kind of being a loner before.  I’m having more fun, getting back into working out, eating more healthy... Yeah, and just taking my power back.” 

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VNolan P.

"I found the healings in this audio for the Head Center very much in line with what I am trying to achieve personally in terms of being grounded, centered, and more self-aware.  Having listened to this audio multiple times, each time I noticed a distinct pressure just behind the center of my forehead, as if your brain is being reset from the inside out.  The last time I experienced this sensation was about 25 year ago after a Reiki Session by a powerful master.  I’m really looking forward to what else is possible with this audio."

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Michelle Fitzmaurice, PhD, Quantum Alignment Specialist

“It has been a week since I listened to Stacy’s Infinity Healing for the Will Center audio, and all I can say is, 'Wow!'  In the past, I have been so easily derailed from my business.  This week, I have still been able to show up and do the work in my business when I have needed to.  I have also been kinder to myself and worked with the energy of the Will Center.  This is something I have struggled with in the past.  Thank you so much Stacy this work is life changing for me!”

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Jillian Dee

"The Infinity Healing for the Ajna Center is amazing.  I felt very relaxed and calmed.  My busy mind was instantly able to shut off and be completely relaxed and present.  That feeling stuck with me after I finished and went to sleep very peacefully.  Thank you for this wonderful gift to the world. "

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Kristy Lee

“Spectacular! You did and awesome job [with Infinity Healing for the G Center].  It’s really organized and I love the way you added a little bit of insight to each aspect of it.  I could actually sense a deep molecular shift taking place.  Your voice is soothing and easy to follow.  You’ve created a powerful modality that is sure to help everyone who receives this.  Thank you so very much for blessing me.”

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Tania Barker, SoulAh Power Catalyst

“I just listened to Stacy’s Infinity Healing for the Spleen Center and I could feel energy bolting through my body, 3rd eye, and head.  There was  a noticeable increase in sensation my body.  It was tingling whilst I was listening to the healing session on my phone.  I could feel the sensations in my body a good 10 minutes after the recording stopped.  I now feel able to be courageous  enough to make new choices that are 100% soul- aligned.”

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Mary Islam

"What I enjoyed most about the Infinity Healing for the Head Center is that it immediately dissolved my tension and stress. I felt more at peace and relaxed which is imperative whilst trying to make the right decisions for my business. Furthermore, I tend to over-think and over analyze things!  So, this particular Infinity healing helped me release my over-analytical pattern and started addressing my self-doubt.  Lastly, I listen to this MP3 at night, as it helps me to relax more so I sleep better. Thank you, Stacy!"

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Lucy Ann Chard

"I received the Infinity Healing meditations for the Root & Throat Centers at the perfect time. Stacy's gentle, healing voice guided me through a powerful energy shifting process. I felt a wave of emotional release followed by clarity in response to the healing for Gate 54, which my conscious Moon found especially soothing. Thank you. Stacy for sharing your beautiful healing gift with me."

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Haneen Aroundfab

“I loved how clear and precise Stacy was with everything in the Infinity Healing for the Solar Plexus audio.  She hit all the points that matter in less than 30 mins.  The healings were so potent. …She worked on so many topics, and I felt happy.  I felt a pain in my stomach subside after completing the audio.  I felt movement of energy through my yawning.  Looking forward to integrating the changes in the coming days.”

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Scarlett deBontin


As one with an open Head and open Ajna the influx of ideas, information, and inspirations occasionally leave me flustered, overwhelmed, and under pressure to perform in some way, while struggling to decipher what needs to be focused on and how to be best organized for optimal success. 


I am most grateful to have the Infinity Healing Ajna Center mp3 as a tool to help and guide me in times of mental overwhelm and stress. Every time I listen to it my generally racing mind slows to a steady pace, pressure and stress dissipate, and I find myself thinking more clearly, all the while feeling more confident, driven, and motivated to complete the tasks of my day.  

Thank You for this life-changing tool!

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