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Yoga at Home

What is Infinity Healing?

Creation through Alignment

The Infinity Healing Technique is a powerful modality created by  Tarek Bibi that helps us move past challenges and create wonderful life experiences.  This technique is based on the framework that your conscious mind is connected to your subconscious mind, your subconscious mind is connected to your higher self, and your higher self is connected to God/Source/Universe. All of these elements help to create your reality. 


When the Infinity Healing Technique is applied by a practitioner, you are connected to God/Source/Universe energy through your higher self, and then your higher self decides what to do for you to receive exactly what is for your highest good.  This alignment gets activated by consent through your sacred “yes.”


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What is Human Design?

Personality and Possibility Assessment System

The Human Design System is a powerful tool to assist in self-knowledge.  This system was founded and taught by Ra Uru Hu, and integrates Western astrology, the I-CHING, and the Chakra system, to describe the unique ways our bodies process and generate energy. 

A Human Design chart analysis can assist in many levels of personal awareness, including optimal energy management, tips on decision making, and insights on one's life approach.  This understanding facilitates deep levels of self love, appreciation, and forgiveness.

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