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Infinity Healing for the Throat Center

Infinity Healing for the Throat Center

15 Minute Meditative Audio Embedded with the Infinity Healing Technique for the Throat Center by Human Design.   Programmed for both the defined and open center.  Perfect for deconditioning of the Throat Center and aligning to the higher frequencies of the Throat gates.  Align to self-expressive power, clarity, manifestative energy, and more.

  • How to Use Infinity Healing Audios & Disclaimer

    Please do not listen to these audios while driving, operating heavy machinery, or performing tasks that require your full attention.  These meditative audios can cause extreme relaxation and it is common to fall asleep as the recording plays.    

    If this is your first time listening to digital products embedded with the Infinity Healing Technique, start with listening to one session and wait a week before listening to the next one. The process starts on the first day you listen, and will keep working for as long as it's needed until it is complete.  This could continue for the next few days, weeks, or months, depending on how m