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My name is Stacy Cisneros, and I am certified as an Advanced Infinity Healer and as an Infinity Healing Level 1 Trainer.  I am also a certified Human Design Specialist (Level 4).  Over the years I’ve been helping people achieve better personal well being and facilitating their self-growth. If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges, my services aim to optimize energy levels, foster forgiveness & appreciation of the self and others, and to find hidden strengths for development. I invite you to join me in a journey of self discovery, self healing, and self love.


Sat on the Rocks


Human Design Reading

Many of us feel lost and confused about how our lives have panned out thus far.  As I go over your Human Design Chart, you will have new awareness of how you were wonderfully created and be more accepting of your personal story.  You will learn about your areas of strength and how to best leverage your specific energy over your life challenges.  Schedule a session today!



Infinity Healing Session

Infinity Healing is one of the most powerful energy modalities utilized today.  Clients experience fast, lasting inner shifts after just one session.  One session is used to address one area of difficulty, to energetically heal the root of the issue.  This modality has been used to improve health, finances, relationships, and emotional well-being.  Schedule a session now!

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Infinity Healing for Human Design

Can you imaging the magical power of combining Human Design and Infinity Healing? Look no further! One of my gifts is my ability to diagnose your patterns with Human Design and create change within you using the Infinity Healing Technique. This is a one of a kind amazing opportunity to heal and align to your best self in a unique way.


Let's Talk

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"Grow through what you go through."


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